Solar lighting system: PRIMA

The compact yet powerful PRIMA solar lighting system.

The compact small power solar lighting system

The PRIMA from SOLÈRE is the most compact and lightest of our intelligent integrated solar systems. Perfect for lighting spaces that do not require large area covering, such as a post office box, bus stop or small pedestrian path, it is installed in no time, ready to light up your space and ensure its safety!

Technical data

  • 30 watts’ monocrystalline solar panel
  • Weight (excluding pole): 22.6 (50lbs) kg
  • 280 w-h LiFePO4 battery with integrated temperature regulator technology -50 to +65° Celsius
  • Modular and bifacial LED light fixture
  • 5 w/950 lm – 10 w/1900 lm
  • Températures de couleurs de 1 800K à 5 000K
  • Types 2 to 5 and asymmetrical photometry types

Advantages and limited warranties


  • Lights up 365 nights a year
  • Works from -50 to +65° Celsius
  • Interchangeable and quick connect light fixture
  • 100% battery discharge
  • Lifespan of 8 000 cycles or 20-25 years


  • 25 years | Solar panels
  • 20 years | LiFePO4 battery
  • 10 years | Light fixture
  • 10 years | Controller
  • 5 years | Finish

Technical data

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