Dawn of the new solar era

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Solar LED autonomy everywhere,
all the time

Our solar lighting systems are the industry’s most sustainable and innovative choices. Through east and west and from south to north of the 52nd parallel, thanks to SOLÈRE, we can illuminate tomorrow’s world today.

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advantages of our solar lighting systems

  • Real sustainability, made in Canada.
  • 365 nights’ pear year of unparalleled autonomy.
  • Our LiFePO4 unique battery temperature regulation technology making it suitable for all climates, operating in temperatures ranging from -50 to +65 degreesCelsius, with empirical data supporting our claim.
  • 20-years battery warranty for a 25-year battery life.
  • 190lm/Watts (3000k) powerful light fixture.
  • Patented scalable and interchangeable light fixture with multiple photometries.
  • Easy to install with quick connect.
  • Turnkey service and personalized support available.

New solar
era technologies

Born from a renowned commercial and institutional lighting agency and an innovative Canadian manufacturer of LED lighting products, SOLÈRE is proof that unity is strength. Both tired of seeing technologies available on the market, although they proclaim it, fail to meet the needs of their customers, the brains of both companies dared to think big. They wanted to do better.


A well connected distribution network

At the dawn of a new solar era, our North American network is working restlessly to offer you a local and personalized service. The sun rises everywhere on our territory and we will be there to meet your needs. For this reason, trained teams are dispersed across Canada and the United States to implement our mission: to enlighten tomorrow’s world of today.

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Your one click overall solar solution

Our distribution network is our extension and our competent professionals are ready to meet all your solar needs. We are constantly listening!

If you wish to contact our head office, we will be happy to answer you.

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SOLÈRE will be presenting its solar lighting systems at the next “AMO Conference Trade Show” on August 20 and 21st!

Come and discover our innovative solar solutions!

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